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Join us for our June BBQ!!!


Finally, the warm weather has arrived which means RVs, RV folks, food and friends.  Once again Bernie Weiss and Pete Howell have invited us to their hangar at Anoka Airport (KANE).


Date:  Sunday, June 12, eatin’ starts at 1 pm.




Please bring a folding chair for your socializing comfort!  Food and the necessary goodies will be provided so your only role is to show up!!!!  BUT we do need a headcount.  Please click here to send a quick email with how many in your party!!


Fly-ins are welcome.  You can park at the north end of the hangar line (ask for taxi instructions to “Fox Hollow” at the west end of the airport (taxi lane “India”)) or on the grass on India Lane opposite the hangars. 


Driving directions are:


From Rte 65:  Turn east on 93rd Lane NE.  Turn left at airport entrance (gate code 12185).  Turn right at T intersection then immediate left on India Lane. 

From I35W and Rte 10:  Go west on Rte 10 and exit on 93rd Lane.  Turn right and take second airport entrance to the right and follow directions above.


Park on grass clear of taxiways and hangar doors.  Questions, call Doug at 651-398-1184





RV-7 driver Doug Weiler discovers a "gotcha" on his Silver Hawk fuel injection servo.  Check out the story in Building Tips!!!!!


Thanks to all that attended our meeting on March 12.  We had a great turnout (of course the weather was spectacular!)  We lost count as to how many RVs (and others) flew in but the north end taxiways at Lake Elmo were filled up!  Thanks to Tim Olson and his daughter Danielle for a great presentation on their RV travels and also to Pete Howell for translating the options for ADS-B.



The March issue of the RVator's Log is now ready for download HERE


Mike Behnke is cleaning his hangar.  Click HERE to check out the items for sale!!






RV-7A pilot and builder Bob Collins has whipped up an informative video on how to fix a leaky fuel tank rivet.  Don't panic if you see a "weeping" rivet.  Check out his video HERE......


Our December meeting was well attended and it was great to see old friends again and some new RV enthusiasts as well!  Tech counselor Tom Berge was center stage with an informative talk on electrical system design.  New treasurer Peter Fruehling was introduced and gave us a briefing on our new PayPal dues payment system.

Here’s a link to Tom’s PowerPoint slides which will give you a brief outline of the topics he covered.  

Simple Electrical System Architecture.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.4 MB]


The December issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download HERE...


Your friendly editor had the pleasure of making the first test flight of Ed Krantz's RV-10 on August 29 out of the Red Wing airport.  Ed's -10 is chock full of all the latest Garmin goodies and it is going to make a great cross country machine.  The test went well with just some minor trim adjustments to be made.  Since then Ed has soloed his RV and is well on the way to flying off the test time.


A nice story was recently written in the Hastings newspaper about the Krantz family and their new RV-10.  Here's a link to the article.....



Our 2015 RV Fly-In and Picnic is now history.  It was one of the absolutely spectacular early fall Saturdays with clear skies and very little wind!!  This was picnic #26 believe it or not and again we thank Kim and Roy Fuhrmann and their friends and neighbors for making this such a great time of fellowship.


Here's a link to some photos of the day........


The September issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download HERE...


Congrats to our own Chris Stenstrom for winning a Bronze Lindy workmanship award at this year's EAA Airventure.  His RV-8 was fresh from Midwest Aircraft Painting and the judges were impressed.  Can't wait to see it in person!  




The June issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download HERE...


RV-9A pilot Mark Erickson has turned his building skills to designing tugs.  His first design was built for Bernie Weiss to move his Beech Bonanza.  It used a gasoline engine and works great for the heavy G33.  A couple weeks ago, Mark finished his RV prototype, which uses an electric motor and several batteries.  Tom Berge has been testing it and it makes pushing a tri-gear RV around a piece of cake.  Next up is a paint job and a few other refinements.  Great for our aging backs!!


Check out the video.....


Some good news from Chris.....



The weather finally cooperated and I did my first flight of the RV-8. Happy to report there were no unplanned events. It performed just as expected. All of the big pieces are still attached and I can even re-use the airplane, so I call that successful.  A slight heavy left wing and just a few other minor adjustments is all that is needed.You can add this one to the completed RV list.


Christer Stenstrom



Fortunately it is rare that I get a call from the FAA (and I really want to keep it that way!).  But recently I received a call from Mark McMullen who is a controller at MSP center.  He was calling me to follow up on a question that I brought up had at a CFI refresher clinic that I attended last month.  I was talking to another FAA controller who was attending the course and I asked him whether the local FAA controllers knew I was ADS-B equipped.  He wasn’t familiar with how ADS-B was being integrated locally as of yet, but he said he’d find out and have someone call me.  Thus Mark’s call…


He explained to me that MSP center and approach can be operated in their Fusion ATC display mode.  What this does is to integrate Mode C, Mode S, and ADS-B traffic data into one single-tracked target.  So what this means is that the controller sees a traffic target whose location and altitude data is generated by a combination of airport and/or air route surveillance radar and ADS-B information.  He said that one of the immediate benefits of ADS-B in the MSP area is that it provides a traffic target in areas that have poor surveillance radar coverage (a good example is in the Eau Claire area).   From a pilot’s viewpoint, this is transparent and even the controller may not know on his or her display whether the traffic target is derived from radar or ADS-B.  As you know, in exchange for providing this ADS-B “out” data, we receive weather and traffic as the ADS-B “in” data.  Having now flown my RV-7 for about 10 hours using FreeFlight’s ADS-B FDL-978 transceiver, I am a true believer in the safety margin provided just by the traffic feature alone.  I can attribute at least 3 instances of a potential “close encounter” averted just in the first 10 hours of use in the MSP area.  Worth every penny!! 


- Doug


Today was one of those glorious days that one MUST go flying, especially coming out of another gruesome winter.  The mission was about 100 miles to the west to the farming town of Olivia, MN.  A great lunch was had at the Blue Max Cafe which is just a short walk from the airport.

Here's the gang: Vince Bastiani (RV-7), Jim Lenzmeier (F/O for Doug), Bob Collins (RV-7A), Bernie Weiss (RV-9), Pete Howell (RV-9A), Doug Weiler (RV-7) - photo by Peter Fruehling (RV-4)

As we all know the RV world is divided into the tri-gear folks who must live with this burden of the "A" designation branded into their psyche and those REAL pilots who live and breathe danger and true adventure.... masters of their taildragger RVs.  Here we have our own Bernie Weiss, RV-9 pilot extraordinaire...

- photo by Peter Fruehling


Certainly we could have not arranged for WORST weather for our meeting this past Saturday.  Fog, drizzle, low clouds and it was WAY TOO warm (give me 10 degrees versus a gloomy 45... this is winter!!) But the hospitality was great and we sincerely thank Harry Odone and Shannan Hendricks for inviting us to their hangar.  Harry's talk on how this massive machine came to RNH and the amazing restoration was fascinating.  It was a tale of determination and ambition mixed with a hearty dose of international intrigue.   The Fairey Gannet is a marvel of 1950’s engineering prowess.

One interesting item that we all found interesting was that all of the paint stripping was done with high pressure soda blasting.  The process worked amazingly well and took of many layers of paint accumulated over many years of military service.  It’s a biodegradable process that eliminates working with caustic chemicals that want to eat you alive.  Would you believe they used 2 ½ TONS of soda in the process. 


Here’s a shot of Shannon, Harry, son Mason and hangar mascot Turbine (who is always in motion) along with yours truly.


For more information, here’s their websites:





Thanks again Harry and Shannan!!



RV-4 pilot John Field recently took his niece Mono for a ride in his beautiful yellow -4.  She wrote him this REALLY COOL thank you note...  You'll love it!!! (make all that labor worth every minute!)



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