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Tom Berge, Plymouth, MN


Tom Berge started building his RV6 back in 1987. N69TB was finished and flown in 1991. This was an early kit with considerably more fabrication required as compared to kits of today.


As the years went by, the panel had a major modification done at one point and then finally completely replaced a few years later. This plane was flown for approximately 1600 hours over 12 years.



Tom started building an RV7A in 2001 and completed it during the summer of 2003 after 23 months of work. First flight was June 15th 2003. Since getting involved with RV's, Tom has done numerous pre FAA inspections for local builders to help identify problem areas. He has also done pre-buy inspections for those looking to purchase their RV.


In the last few years, Tom has been involved with helping other builders with their projects. He replaced a panel on an RV6A, adding in new avionics and cleaning up the look of the layout. His most recent work has been helping a several local builder with the installation of all systems leading to a successful first flight of an RV7 and RV-9.


Tom has given a number of classes on a range of subjects such as riveting, electrical systems and fiberglass work. During the last several years, he has conducted numerous pre-buy inspections of all models of RV aircraft. Tom is always available to look at individual projects and will consider builder assistance if requested.  He is also available to ferry RVs nationwide.  Contact Tom at 612-418-9500 or email at


Mike Hilger, South St. Paul, MN (EAA chapter 1164)



RV-6, N207AM, flying since 2000. A&P, Avionics tech, CFII Tech Counselor for Powerplants, Sheet metal, Tube/fabric and Avionics/electrical. 


Mike Hilger

651-455-3160 (home), 612-414-9128 (cell)

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