Building Tips

RV Wing Jack


Tech counselor Tom Berge has discovered an economical jack, which works quite well for tri-gear RVs.  The source is Bubba Tools.  The part number is 4000 V head shorty for $65 and it’s a 2500-pound capacity.  You must grease the screw before use.


Van's RV Construction Techniques

A comprehensive guide to basic RV construction techniques. 


Van's RV Construction Techniques
RV Construction Techniques.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.9 MB]

Silverhawk Fuel Injection issue

Doug Weiler discovers a "gotcha" on his Silverhawk fuel injection servo.

Let's talk tailwheels

RV-7 builder/pilot Doug Weiler discusses finding the right tailwheel for his RV-7.

"Twitchy" ailerons  - check your trailing edges

RV-7 builder/pilot Doug Weiler finds a solution to his hyper-sensitive RV-7.

Painting it yourself!  - How to roll your own outstanding paint job

RV-8 builder Scott Elhardt finished his RV-8 in the spring of 2012.  He decided to paint his new RV himself and documented his methodical and through approach to this seemingly overwhelming task.  Here is his story (note large file... be patient):

Adobe Acrobat document [65.7 MB]

Pitot-Static Installation


Yep, it is tedious but using plastic air line tubing and fittings makes it manageable.  Here are the details...

Alex's Tire Balancer


Get the shakin' out.....

Tom Berge's Brake Bleeder Contraption


Another messy job brought to it's knees.  Tom shows us how...

Tom Berge's Tire Removal Contraption


How many times have you pounded, jumped, and cursed trying to remove your tires from the rims.  Tom to the rescue...

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