Twin Cities RV Builders Fall Fly/Drive-In Lunch



Saturday, September 16, 2023 - 12 noon 


Stein Air’s Hangar

Faribault Municipal Airport, Faribault, MN


Summer is winding down and Stein Bruch and his staff at SteinAir have invited us back to their beautiful hangar for out annual fall get-together.  Eatin’ starts around noon but if you want to come earlier fell free.  


Everyone is invited whether you fly an RV, spam can, or even have to drive!  Lot’s of good food and fellowship is on the agenda.  See ya then!!!


For fly-ins:


Program your GPS present postikon direct to KFBL.  The Stein Air hangar is located on the north ramp at the east end of the airport.


For drivers:


Go south on I-35 and exit at the Shieldsville, Rte 21 exit.  Go west and you’ll see the airport entrance immediately on your left.


Lost….  Call Doug at 651-398-1184











"RVator's Log" Newsletter The September 2023 issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download










"RVator's Log" Newsletter The June 2023 issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download



Video of our 2023 Spring meeting at Lake Elmo.  Guest speakers Eric Janssen and Pete Howell.













"RVator's Log" Newsletter The March 2023 issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download










"RVator's Log" Newsletter The December 2022 issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download










"RVator's Log" Newsletter The Septemebr 2022 issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download


RV-12 builder Bob Collins is reviving our Tool Crib.  If you have a "rare" tool (such as scales, c/s prop wrench, wing jack, etc, etc) that you might be will to loan to a member, zip over to the Tool Crib page for details










"RVator's Log" Newsletter The March 2022 issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download



RV-7A driver Frank Huber recently took a flight of a lifetime in "Crazy Horse", a beautifully restored 2-place TF-51 in Kissimmee, Flordia.


Click HERE for his story and a video of his flight.........



Here's the video of our January virtual meeting with Guil Barros.   Enjoy...












"RVator's Log" NewsletterThe December Issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download


Eleven "antique" issues of the newsletter have been added to the "RVator's Log" page.  They range from the March 2007 to the December 2005 issues.  The graphic format on some of the issues did not convert properly so you may see some issues with photos not displaying but the content is there.  Enjoy.......





Check out the Video Gallery for photos of our 2021 RV Fly-In and Lunch at Faribault, Mionnsota.




Head over to the Video Clips page to check out Tom Berge wrassling the Colorado River on his rafting trip in August


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The December issue of the RVator's Log is now available HERE.....


The September issue of the RVator's Log is ready for your reading pleasure HERE......



Mark Owen's RV-12 has been flying for several months.  Every RV that takes to the air has a back story that is unique.  Here's Mark's story...........



Building my RV12.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.3 MB]



Several weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown.....   RV-14 builder/pilot Tim Olson shares his version of "Social Distancing".  Enjoy........




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The December issue of the RVator's Log is now ready for download HERE......





The September issue of the RVator's Log is now ready for download HERE......





Most of the club was at our Summer hangar party where we honored RV-guru extraordinaire Tom Berge.  We presented Tom with a commemorative book with a ton of "Tom" photos and testimonials from club member on Tom's impact on their projects and planes.  Here's a link to the publisher where you can page through and enjoy the book!!  You can enlarge the size of the page for better viewing.




The June 2019 issue of The RVator's Log is now ready for download HERE........



Every time I make a trip to Hibbing to visit Midwest Aircraft Refinishing, I usually find some reason to marvel at their artistry with a spray gun.  Monday of this week, I flew the RV-7 north to meet up with Frank Huber who was taking his RV-7A back for some minor touchup work.  His RV is painted in Bud Anderson's "Old Crow" paint scheme and is flawless, as I would have expected by any paintwork coming out of Hibbing.


The big news is their completion of a major addition to their facility.  Their new hangar is more than doubles the size of their other buildings.  One half is a sterile dust free space where they can do their final polishing and vinyl graphic work.  The other side is a state of the art paint booth big enough for a King Air.  Brightly lit with LEDs, the north wall is one big filtered air inlet and the south wall is the exit.  All the air is filtered and captured so no bad chemicals escape into the pristine Minnesota north woods nearby.


Most of their work is Cirrus restorations and repair, but their reputation is spreading among the RV community.  If you want the best, book early, as they are usually scheduled 8 to 12 months out!



- Doug


For more details on how Midwest Aircraft Refinishing came to be, here's an article in Business North magazine from last fall.


Frank Huber's RV-7 in front of Midwest's new paint hangar


This is the detail side of the new hangar.  Final finish work is done here before delivery.


The paint "booth"...  filtered air comes in through the entire wall


George Virnig explains the "exhaust" side of the hangar to Frank


Their bread and butter is Cirrus repairs.  This one in the process of recovering from a chute recovery with major composite repairs.  


This is a recent Cirrus restoration (it's a 2004 model). The carbon fiber effect is painted not vinyl graphics.  It's a secret how they do it, but they do it!!!!




Our resident tech counselor Tom Berge recently returned from Austria where he reassembed Joerg Pfeiffer's RV-9A.  Joerg's RV had been based at the Lino Lakes, MN airpark for a number of years.  He splits his time between the U.S. and his home in Austria managing his company JP Powersports Engineering.  This fall Joerg decided he wanted to move the airplane back home to Austria.  In late November, he and Tom took the airplane apart, crated it up in a standard shipping container for the trip to Europe.  After it arrived, Joerg contracted with Tom to come put it all back to together.  So in March, Tom and his wife Karen spent two weeks in this most beaitiful part of the world splitting time between RV "work" and sightseeing.


Here's a short clip of the engine start on March 17th.  Keep in mind the battery has been sitting in the airplane since the end of November and traveled on trucks and ships for all of this time with no attention whatsoever.   The Odyssey PC680 is a pretty robust battery and will hold a charge a LONG time without human intervention!




Here's a couple shots of around the local area in Nuziders, Austria (about an hour's drive east of Zurich.)


Driving to St. Moritz

This is certainly not Minnesota!

Pretty impressive place to fly your RV!!!




14 RVs attended our Fall Fly-In Breakfast at Anoka last Saturday.  Thanks to all who flew in and those who drove as well.  EAA Chapter 237 did a great job in hosting us and we thank them for their efforts to make it a fun morning.


Here's some photos........


RVs on the ramp in front of the old University of Minnesota aeronautics building.


DAL captain Kevin Knutson and his RV-6.  A beatiful example of an "old-school" RV.

RV-7A builder Frank Huber (yellow vest) shows Peter Fruehling his newly finished machine.  It's heading to the paint shop in Hibbing next month.


Pat Halama (R) flew in from EAU in his RV-9A.  Pat's co-pilot was Reynolds Tomter, who at age 101 loves to fly with Pat!!!


Breakfast at Chapter 237's hangar.  


Chapter 237 cooks up their famous breakfasts every other month.  Yum!!!!!




Our June summer hangar party (aka Anoka Extravaganza) is history.  Go HERE to check out the photos......


Tom Irlbeck tribute page








The June issue of the RVAtor's Log is now ready for download HERE.......





Our April meeting was a great success highlighted by a fascinating talk by retired Northwest Captain John Hanson.


Go HERE to view some photos of the morning....







The March 2018 issue of the RVator's Log is ready for download.  Click HERE


RV-10/14 builder Tim Olson and his family took a trip this August to Oregon to view the eclipse.  What makes this really cool is that they took BOTH of their airplanes with his wife Andrea and daughter Colleen flying the RV-14 and Tim and daughter Danielle flying the RV-10.  You can read all about the trip HERE......



Before their trip, Tim (who is a CFI) gave his daughter Danielle some dual in short field operations in the -14.  Check out the video.........




Our 2017 RV Fly-In and Picnic is in the books.  Attendance was down somewhat perhaps because of a rather windy day.  But regardless, it was another great time of eating and talking RV talk.  Here's a shot from Peter Fruehling of his daughter Teagan delighting in Nancy Burkholder's RV-6 roaring overhead.  Click on this link to see the Photo Gallery....




Tom Irlbeck reflects on his  57 years as a pilot, 71 1⁄2 years of flying....



Thought Id drop you a note, as I reflect back on my years in the air. Flying has been good to me.  I consider myself very fortunate, having been born into a flying family. My Dad was a B-17, B-29 pilot. When he was home on leave in the fall of 1945, we went out to John Bensons Airport, just north of White Bear Lake. Dont know all of the story how my Dad and John met, but know they were close friends, until both went west, a number of years ago. Anyway, I have a cherished photo sitting in Johns J-3 that he was renting, on my Moms lap, with my Dad in the front seat. That was my first ride at 2 1⁄2. I have my hand on the stick, my Mom said I want to shake the stick, and to this day I still enjoy shaking the stick, must be in the genes.


Last Sunday, old Bear, my trustworthy RV-8 turned over 2,000 hrs. I started building her in 1997, and June of 2000 she took me into the air on her first flight. On Sunday I was giving a Young Eagle Ride, a young lady of 15yrs, her 1st ride in a little aircraft. She had been in the air only once before, in an airliner, and was a little apprehensive. On such rides, I take it easy, you might say I hold back a lot, not my normal Navy Take Off. I mentioned that we would be turning over to the 2,000 hr mark to her, but Im sure she didnt realize the signifigance, but Bear did!!!!



RV-4 pilot John Field recently took his niece Mono for a ride in his beautiful yellow -4.  She wrote him this REALLY COOL thank you note...  You'll love it!!! (make all that labor worth every minute!)



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