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The Minnesota Wing of Van's Air Force (aka Twin Cities RV Builders Group) was formed in the late 1980's by a small group of RV builders in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The early membership was around a dozen folks most of which were building RV-4s. Jerry VanGrunsven (brother of Van's president Dick) was one of the early organizers. Meetings were held at members' homes usually showcasing a RV project under construction. Each fall, the group sponsored a picnic and fly-in held at the Sky Harbor Airpark in Webster, MN.


group pic Minnesota Wing - circa 1991

During the 1990’s, the Minnesota Wing organized an annual event named the Twin Cities RV Forum.  This was a daylong gathering with speakers, workshops, vendors, and lots of RVs on display.  The group continued to grow and soon over 200 members were officially listed on the roster.

Several times over the years, the Minnesota Wing has sponsored various workshops on RV construction from basic sheet metal work to more complex classes on fiberglass work, electrical systems, and engine installation.  We have designated several Technical Counselors who have extensive experience in RV construction.  These individuals have conducted many inspections of members’ projects and are always willing and able to assist with construction questions.  They also provide pre-FAA inspections and pre-buy inspections.  One of the most important aspects of the Minnesota Wing is our network on very experienced RV builders.  No question is ever too small!!

The group also has two experienced flight instructors that are available for RV transition training and act as our RV Flight Advisors.  Both have conducted several initial test flights for MN Wing members.

Each quarter we publish the RVator’s Log, which is available via this website or mail.  Also each quarter we have a club meeting usually in the Twin Cities area featuring guest speakers and discussion on topics related to building and flying RV aircraft.  Each September, we continue to have our annual RV Fly-in and Picnic.

The Twin Cities RV Builders Group is one of the largest and most active RV clubs in the world.  We invite you to join us!!!


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